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Program in Data Analytics

Faculty and Staff


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Rhonda Crate

Faculty: Data Analytics

(Global Campus)

Teaches: DATA 424 – Industry Capstone

Rhonda Crate has a MS in Statistics and MA in Cultural Anthropology from WSU. She currently works as a Senior Data Scientist and Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company.

Rhonda Crate.

Daryl DeFord

Faculty: Mathematics

(WSU Pullman)

Teaches: DATA 115, STAT 419

Dr. DeFord earned his undergraduate degree from the math department here at WSU and got interested in research as a junior and senior working on projects supervised by faculty members in math and computer science.

During his Ph.D. work at Dartmouth and postdoc at MIT, he worked on mathematical models for analysis of social data.

Most recently, his work has focused on building tools for detecting and combating gerrymandering of political districts and teaching students about mathematical approaches to data analysis through the Voting Rights Data Institute.


Daryl DeFord.

Ananth Jillepalli

Faculty: Computer Science

(WSU Pullman)

Teaches: CptS 421, CptS 423/lab, CptS 427, CptS 451, CptS 527, DATA 390

Ananth is a computer scientist and an education enthusiast.

Computing devices and data, by extension, are here to stay. Data analysis and computer science are becoming an essential life skill for everybody and Ananth wants to discover best ways in which the society can be prepared for this ongoing transition.

Feel free to reach out to Ananth at with ideas, comments, concerns, or questions.


Ananth Jillepalli.

Abhishek Kaul

Faculty: Statistics

(WSU Pullman)

Teaches: STAT 412, STAT 435, STAT 437, STAT 536

Abhishek is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Washington State University.

He is a statistician by training and is working on the development and analysis of statistical methods for high dimensional data under non-standard formulations, such as high dimensional dynamic models characterized via change points, error-in-variables models, missing data structures. He is also interested in machine learning applications such as unsupervised classification of imaging data.

Abhishek has also worked as a research fellow at the Biostatistics and Computational Biology branch of NIEHS (NIH).

Abhishek received a Ph.D. in Statistics (2015) from the Department of Statistics and Probability at Michigan State University.


Abhishek Kaul.

Sergey Lapin

Associate Director, Data Analytics Program
Faculty; Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

(WSU Everett)

Teaches: DATA 115, DATA 390, DATA 498, Math 172, Math 182, Math 230, Math 283, Math 315, Math 499, STAT 360

Sergey serves as the Associate Director of Data Analytics, is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and a Faculty Fellow in the Honors College. His research focuses on multidisciplinary problems requiring mathematical modeling, such as modeling of ocular hemodynamics, ballistocardiograph, mathematical epidemiology and optimal control problems with applications to economics.

Dr. Lapin is currently serving as a vice-chair of the WSU Faculty Affairs Committee and on University Grade Appeals Board. He advised and mentored over 30 undergraduate students from different majors: Mathematics, Electrical and Mechanical engineering, Physics, Geology, Microbiology,  Zoology and Finance. Dr. Lapin’s teaching and service to the WSU community has been recognized through Exceptional Professor Award from ASWSU in 2016, Honors College Thesis Advisor Award (2016), Honors College Faculty Award (2018) and Outstanding Faculty Member Award from United Greek Association in 2018. 

In 2021, he earned a College of Arts and Sciences Award for Mid-Career Achievement Faculty. Congratulations, Sergey!

Ben McCamish

Faculty; Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science

(WSU Vancouver) 

Teaches: CS 121, CS 351, CS 360, CS 402, CS 420, and CS 454

Ben McCamish is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the WSU Vancouver Campus . He joined the faculty in 2018 and currently teaches CS 121, CS 351, CS 360, CS 402, CS 420, and CS 454. His background is in databases, user interaction, and game theory. 

Xinghui Zhao

Faculty: Computer Science

(WSU Vancouver)

Teaches: CS 420

Xinghui Zhao is the director of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at WSU Vancouver, and an associate professor of computer science.

Her research focuses on the broad areas of distributed systems, energy-efficient computing, machine learning and big data computing.

She received her PhD degree from the Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan in 2012.


Christina Myers

Staff: Program Assistant

Christina has joined the Data Analytics team as the new Program Assistant.
As the Program Assistant, Christina is the point of contact for the Data Analytics program. Christina supports the data analytics program, directors, events, and general office support.

If you need help getting connected with Data Analytics, please contact us by email at or by office phone at (425) 405-1719. Thank you!