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Program in Data Analytics

Data Analytics FAQ

Student posing on the Spark's lawnWhat are core courses in the data analytics program?
All students will complete coursework in computer science, math, and statistics.

How much math do I need to start taking data analytics courses?
The initial core math course is Calculus I. However, students may enroll in the Introduction to Data Analytics course prior to, or concurrent with, completing the math prerequisites for Calculus I.

What is a track in the data analytics program?
A track—or specialization—is focused on a particular area of knowledge, such as agriculture or economics. When combined with core data analytics courses, students develop strong interdisciplinary skills and are well-prepared to communicate, solve problems, and work effectively as an industry team member.

What tracks are available?
The program currently includes nine track options.  All track are offered on the WSU Pullman campus. Visit the Vancouver, Everett, and Global Campus websites for up-to-date information on available tracks.

Do all the tracks take the same amount of time?
Each track is unique: the prerequisites and required courses vary according to the domain area of expertise. Check with your advisor to learn more about the track(s) you are interested in.

If I take a community college course over the summer, can I transfer the course credit to WSU?
Yes, some classes taken at another institution may qualify for transfer credit at WSU, particularly for the lower division core courses. Plan ahead: talk with your advisor and use the WSU Transfer Clearinghouse to learn about various course equivalencies.

Can I transfer to another WSU campus that offers the data analytics program?
Yes, students may transfer between the Pullman, Global, Everett, and Vancouver campuses to complete the data analytics degree, provided their specific track is offered at the campus they wish to transfer to.

Is there a capstone project in data analytics?
Yes, the data analytics capstone is designed as the final preparation for students to enter the professional workforce. Students have the opportunity apply what they have learned throughout their WSU education to develop a team-based solution for a real-world project.