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Program in Data Analytics

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Our students are trained in advanced statistical, data, and computer science skills as well as concentrated domain knowledge. This combination enables  WSU graduate to effectively work in teams and easily communicate with colleagues and managers to solve problems.

The data analytics Program, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers ten specialization concentrations comprised of curricular partnerships between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, Carson College of Business, College of Education, and the College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences.

Currently available on the WSU Pullman, Vancouver, Everett and Global campuses.



Data-Driven Solutions

Data analytics is a multi-disciplinary field of study; comprising mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, and the study of data itself.  The growing industry of data science has specialties in a plethora of topics, including actuarial sciences, agriculture and environmental systems, business, computation, data visualization, economics, and other sciences like life science, physical, and social sciences.

WSU understands the need for data analytics majors in the growing field and prepares them for success with outcomes such as the understanding of data in theory and practice, context and domain of data, and the methods and application of data. The recognition of professional data analyst responsibilities, legal and ethical obligations involving security and privacy, and principles of data use are studied in this degree. Graduates will be able to communicate their knowledge and function in academic and professional contexts while being able to be both a member and a leader of a team.

There has been an explosion of demand for skilled data analysts who can communicate, solve problems, and work effectively in teams. Data analytics tools and techniques are used by many different industries to create, manage, explore, and analyze large, complex datasets in order to evaluate past performance, predict future trends, and make better decisions.



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Give Yourself A Competitive Edge


Our internship program is immensely beneficial for students as it offers hands-on experience, a chance to apply data analytics course work in real-world scenarios, and an opportunity to build valuable skills and networks that will enhance their future career prospects.


DA students can take part in our mentorship program that offers invaluable guidance and support with an experienced mentor. The program can provide opportunities to enhance personal and professional development, gain insights into the data analytics field, and build a strong network of connections for future career prospects.





Program Highlights

Congratulations 2024 Graduates!

You’ve achieved incredible things, and the future is bright. Head over to our Instagram and LinkedIn pages to see some celebratory posts and connect with fellow graduates!

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