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Data Analytics Degree at WSU Home

Data-driven solutions

Data analytics is the application of powerful new methods—drawn from computer science, mathematics and statistics, and domain sciences—to collect, curate, analyze, discover and communicate knowledge from “big data.”

There has been an explosion of demand for skilled data analysts who can communicate, solve problems, and work effectively in teams. Data analytics tools and techniques are used by many different industries to create, manage, explore, and analyze large, complex datasets in order to evaluate past performance, predict future trends, and make better decisions.

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Our students are trained in advanced statistical, data, and computer science skills as well as concentrated domain knowledge. This combination enables  WSU graduate to effectively work in teams and easily communicate with colleagues and managers to solve problems.

The nine specialization tracks are curricular partnerships between the College of Arts and Sciences and the the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, Carson College of Business, College of Education, and the College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences.


Washington State University is one of only a handful of universities west of the Mississippi to offer an undergraduate degree specifically designed to prepare students for leadership in data analytics.

The WSU degree is currently available on the Pullman, Vancouver, Everett and Global campuses.