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Data Analytics Events

Welcome to our page of student involvement activities!

Weekly Data Analytics Seminar

Do you have questions about the Data Analytics program? Whether you are a major already or not, you are welcome to attend our weekly seminar over Zoom lead by director Dr. Jan Dasgupta.

We will see you when classes resume during the Fall Semester! 

Zoom information will be sent out to the DA-Majors List-Serv. Note: only WSU email addresses can be added to this list-serv. You do not have to be a DA major already though, you can be a WSU student in any major to join.





Featured in WSU News

Read about Data Analytics and our Fall 2020 Game Night, as featured in the WSU Insider! This semester’s event featured Core Course Bingo and a false-positive statistics game. Prizes included time with industry specialists and WSU leadership.


Watch the Women In Stem Student Interview with Tatumn Laughery here .


Past Contest Winners

The ”Gender of Data” Contest

In honor of women’s history month, the WSU Data Analytics program hosted the Gender of Data contest. Entries were accepted through Thursday, April 15th, 2021.

Winners will be chosen by judges and announced in the near future. Prizes for this contest include an array of items sponsored by Google Cloud!




”I Love Data” contest


The “I Love Data” Contest ran for the month of March 2021. 

First place winner: Carston Blegen, NFL Season Sim History

Prize: Xbox Ultimate Game Pass 12-month subscription, sponsored by Microsoft

“This project is my NFL Season Sim project, a personal project that I have been working on continually for 3 years, including my current season, the 3rd season sim. 

This project consists of simulating each and every NFL game of a recycled NFL Season schedule and recording every single stat from that season in this sheet. For every single season I add more statistics to record, with the hope of eventually creating my own simulation website that will record each of these stats in a legacy storage, that will simulate a whole season on its own and make for a faster simulation process. After every NFL Season, I go back through using a 3rd party website and simulate another example of that season using a different schedule, producing an alternate outcome of the season including every single offensive stat from every NFL player that season. 

Sim History:                          

2nd Sim (Completed Season): 

3rd Sim (Current): 



Second place winner: Jenny Cheng, untitled video

Prize: Xbox Live Gold 12-month subscription, sponsored by Microsoft





Screenshot of NFL Season Sim History Project
Screenshot of a Sheet of the NFL Season Sim History Project
Screenshot of a Sheet of the 3rd NFL Season Sim Project
Screenshot of a Sheet of the 3rd NFL Season Sim Project






Game Nights

Each semester, the data analytics program has hosted a game night with students, advisors, staff, and our director. Students compete in one or two data analytics-related games for prizes. This year, the prizes were students having a chance to meet with WSU leadership or industry professionals one-on-one.

Fall 2020 student winners:

Nathan Shine

Matt Clark

Kane Anderson

Lara Mechling

Fall 2020 professional prizes:

Michael Brundage, Google

Lak Lakshmann, Google

Sasi Pillay, WSU CIO

Matt Jockers, WSU CAS Dean