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Data Analytics Internship

The Data Analytics internship
is work experience through a company or institution that allows students to apply the data analytics coursework they have been carrying out during their program.  Internships can be completed any semester and can be in-person, remote, or hybrid.

Three credits of DATA 498 Internship are required to graduate with the BS in Data Analytics. Each 55 hours of data analytics internship work serves as 1 academic credit. Students can complete the work all in one semester or in several 1-credit segments.

Please read through to the detailed information provided in Internship Basics to get started.

To be enrolled in the DATA 498 Internship course, once your internship placement is confirmed, complete the two-part application process:

A. Fill out the Data Analytics Internship Application form and email to confirm submission.
B. Have your internship supervisor email with the following information about your placement with them:

  1. Name of internship site/company.
  2. Confirmation that you are/will be working at their site and what that role is.
  3. A start date and estimated end date.
  4. An estimate of how many hours you will work there over the course of the semester/internship window.

Once both parts are received, you will be enrolled in the course by the internship coordinator and receive an email confirming your enrollment.

Students in class.


Data Analytics Internship Coordinator
Jill Shafer, Ph.D.