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Becoming a data analytics student

Do you have good math and computer skills? Do you enjoy exploring and analyzing data, from sports statistics to political polls? Are you ready for a rigorous but rewarding undergraduate experience? If so, Data Analytics might be for you.

Applicants and current students may declare an interest in Data Analytics and be advised in the program, but certification in the major is competitive (see below for minimum requirements).

Contact one of the individuals listed below for more information about joining this program either as a freshman, international or transfer student.


Prospective students should first meet with one of the advisors below, depending up on their intended enrollment campus.

Jill Shafer, Advisor – Pullman & Everett

Daggy Hall 214, WSU-Pullman
Phone: 509-335-8731

Chrisi Kincaid, Advisor – Global Campus

Phone: 1-800-222-4978

Transfer students

Students can transfer into the Data Analytics program from a variety of academic backgrounds, though additional time to graduation may be required if core coursework is lacking. The more core certification courses that are completed prior to transferring, the sooner you can certify in the program. Please talk to an advisor for detailed information on transfer credits and estimated graduate date.

Certification requirements

Acceptance is competitive and satisfying the minimum certification requirements does not guarantee certification. Once you’ve fulfilled the minimum requirements, you will be ranked relative to other applicants based on your core certification course GPA, cumulative WSU GPA, courses taken, and other academic performance criteria.

  1. Complete the following seven core certification courses with an average GPA of 2.5 or higher
    • MATH 171: Calculus I
    • One of the following
      • MATH 172: Calculus II
      • MATH 182: Honors Calculus II
    • MATH 220: Introductory Linear Algebra
    • CPTS/STAT 115: Introduction to Data Analytics
    • One of the following
      • CPTS 131: Program Design & Develop.-Java
      • CPTS 121: Prgram Design & Develop.-C/++
    • One of the following
      • CPTS 132: Data Structures –Java
      • CPTS 122: Data Structures -C/++
    • CPTS 215: Data Analytics Systems & Algorithms
  2. Have a cumulative WSU GPA of at least 2.5.

Students use the online form to apply for certification immediately AFTER they have completed the seven core certification courses OR if the courses are In Progress when applying for the next semester.



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