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The Business Track prepares students to apply data analytics skills to business intelligence problems in variety of industries. Working within an organization or as a management consultant, potential application fields include supply chain management, data architecture, and market research.

This track is available via the Pullman, North Puget Sound at Everett, and Global (starting fall 2017) campuses.

Required Track Courses (27 credits)
  • ECONS 101 Fundamentals of Microeconomics
  • One of the following
    • COMM 102 Public Speaking [COMM]
    • HD 205 Developing Effective Com Skills [COMM]
  • ACCTG 230 Intro to Financial Accounting
  • MIS 250  Managing Information Technology
  • MIS 322 Enterprise Business Process Analysis [M]
  • MIS 420 Business Intelligence
  • MGT 301 Principles of Management & Organization
  • Two track options selected from below
    • ACCTG 433 Accounting Systems and Auditing [M]
    • FIN 427 Investment Analysis [M]
    • MGTOP 340 Operations Management
    • MGTOP 470 Business Modeling w/ Spreadsheets
    • MIS 372 Data Management [M]
    • MKTG 368 Marketing Research

Download the four-year-plan (PDF)