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The WSU data analytics core curriculum and specialization tracks develop strong technical skills and working knowledge of an application area, combined with strong communication skills and the ability to work in teams.

The bachelor of science in data analytics requires:

  • Core courses in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and philosophy
  • Completion of a specialization track
  • Satisfaction of WSU UCORE general education requirements
  • Electives sufficient to complete a minimum of 120 credits overall

Core Course Requirements

  • Calculus and linear algebra (10 credits)
  • Computer science fundamentals (11 credits)
  • Machine learning and data management (9 credits)
  • Statistics (15 credits)
  • Data analytics introduction, ethics & project-focused capstone experience (9 credits)

Specialization Tracks

In addition to strong data analytics skills, our students will develop domain knowledge that will enhance their ability to translate raw data into appropriate industry applications. There are nine options that students can choose from.  Each specialization track provides students with opportunities to expand their communications skills and work in team to achieve goals. Credit requirements vary for each track.

  • Actuarial Science
  • Agricultural & Environmental Systems
  • Business
  • Computation
  • Data Visualization
  • Economics
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences


UCORE Requirements

All WSU undergraduates must satisfy the University Core Requirements [UCORE] in order to graduate.

Several courses are recommended for development of communication skills vital to career success in the data analytics field, including:

  • COM 102: Public Speaking in the Digital Age [COMM]
  • COM 210: Multimedia Content Creation [COMM]
  • H_D 205: Developing Effective Communication and Life Skills [COMM]
  • COM 105: Communication in Global Contexts [HUM]
  • DTC 201: Tools and Methods for Digital Technology [ARTS]
  • CES 421: Intercultural Communication and Globalization [DIV]

Some courses within the data analytics curriculum may also satisfy UCORE requirements. Details and a list of UCORE course options are available at the Undergraduate Graduate Requirements website.