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Program in Data Analytics Concentrations

Social Sciences Concentration

21 credits

SOC 1013[SSCI] Introduction to Sociology Introduction to the discipline of sociology: Concepts and methods used in the inquiry into the social world.Fall, Spring, Summer
POL_S 201


SOC 317
3Political Research Methods 3 Training in social science research methodologies as applied to political phenomena.

[M] Research Methods in Sociology Designing, conducting, and reporting social research. 
Fall, Spring
SOC 3403[DIVR] Social Inequality Causes and consequences of social inequality in contemporary America. Recommended preparation: SOC 101.Fall, Spring
POL_S 3163American Public Policy Institutions, processes, and substantive issues of American public policy and policy formation.Fall, Spring

Choose three from:

PSYCH 1053[SSCI] Introductory Psychology Survey of the basic terms, processes, principles, and theories related to the scientific study of human behavior.Fall, Spring, Summer
SOC 4303Society and Technology Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Role of technology in social evolution; social impacts and shaping of technology. Recommended preparation: SOC 101.Fall, Spring
PSYH 3333Abnormal Psychology Course Prerequisite: PSYCH 105. Problems of abnormality from traditional and evolving points of view; types, therapies, outcomes, preventive techniques. Fall, Spring, Summer
Ed_Psych 4003Quantitative Reasoning in Education Course Prerequisite: MATH 220 or STAT 360. Introductory course for data-driven decisions using quantitative reasoning.Fall
Ed_Psych 4043Large-Scale Synthesis of Social Science Data Practical and methodological understandings of and ability to analyze and synthesize large-scale data; presentation and communication of results from synthesized large-scale data. Spring
POL_S 4163Policy Analysis Analysis of public policy formation, evaluation and implementation.
PHIL 3503Philosophy of Science Purpose and logical structure of science; human implications. Typically offered Cooperative: Open to UI degree-seeking students.Fall and Spring