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Data Analytics Concentrations

Agricultural & Environmental Systems Concentration

21-22 credits (depending on course choices)

BIOL 1064[BSCI] Introductory Biology: Organismal Biology Course Prerequisite: One of the following -- a minimum ALEKS math placement score of 40%, MATH 100 with an S, MATH 101 with a C or better, MATH 103 or higher, BIOLOGY 103 with a C or better, BIOLOGY 102, BIOLOGY 120, or 3 credits of biology with a lab. One semester of a two-semester sequence (BIOLOGY 106/107 or BIOLOGY 107/106) for science majors and pre-professional students. Biology of organisms; plants, animals, ecology and evolution. Fall/Spring, (Summer-PU)
Soil_S 2013[BSCI] Soil: A Living System 3 Biological, chemical, and physical properties of soils; fundamentals of soil ecology, soil-water-plant relations, soil fertility, and soil genesis. Fall and Spring
SOE 2044Field Methods for Careers in the Natural Sciences 4 (3-3) Introduction to basic concepts, field techniques and the use of spreadsheets in natural resources. Field trips required.Spring
Soil_S 3683368 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3 (2-3) Course Prerequisite: 3 credits of [BSCI] or [PSCI] UCORE. Introduction to geographic information systems applied to landscape data; geographic coordinate systems and projections, make maps and use geodatabases. Fall
Soil_S 4684GIS Spatial Analysis 4 (2-6) Course Prerequisite: SOIL SCI 368. Geographic information systems applied to analysis of landscape data; maps, geographic coordinate systems and projections, geodatabases. Credit not granted for both SOIL SCI 468 and 568. Offered at 400 and 500 level. Spring

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BIOL 3724[M] General Ecology 4 (3-3) Course Prerequisite: BIOLOGY 106; CHEM 102 or 105. Enrollment in BIOLOGY 372 not allowed if credit already earned for BIOLOGY 370. Relationship of organisms with physical and biotic components of their environment at the population, community, and ecosystem level. Credit not granted for both BIOLOGY 370 and 372. Field trips may be required.Fall, Spring, Summer
SOE 1014[PSCI] Welcome to the Earth: An Introduction to Geology 4 (3-3) Course Prerequisite: Enrollment not allowed if credit already earned for SOE 102. Introductory physical geology for non-science majors; emphasis on western US. Credit not granted for both SOE 101 and 102.Fall, Spring, Summer
SOE 1104110 [BSCI] The Environment, Human Life, and Sustainability 4 (3-3) Interactions between humans and their environment; multidisciplinary introduction to environmental concepts and concerns.Fall and Spring (Summer-Global)
Soil_S 3743Introduction to Remote Sensing Course Prerequisite: 3 credits of [BSCI] or [PSCI] UCORE. Physical basis of remote sensing, fundamentals of aerial photography and image analysis applied to agriculture, forestry, wildland management problems. Spring