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The flexible Social Sciences Track provides students with a broad training in the social sciences, with particular relevance for education and government sector employment. Graduates may apply their data analytics skills to the development of adaptive learning software, policy analysis, and program evaluation.

This track is available only on the Pullman campus.

Required Track Courses (27 credits)
  • SOC  101 Introduction to Sociology [SSCI]
  • Psych  105 Introductory Psychology [SSCI]
  • Select one of the following two courses
    • Phil 101  Introduction to Philosophy [HUM]
    • Phil 103  Introduction to Ethics [HUM]
  • POLS 201  Political Research Methods
  • SOC 340  Social Inequality [DIV]
  • SOC 317  Research Methods in Sociology [M]
  • Select three of the following courses
    • SOC 430  Society and Technology
    • PSYCH 333  Abnormal Psychology
    • ED_PSYCH 400  Quantitative Reasoning in Education
    • ED_PSYCH 404  Large-Scale Synthesis of Social Science Data
    • POLS 416 Policy Analytics

Download the four-year-plan (PDF)