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Data Analytics Degree at WSU Environmental Systems

The Environmental Systems track prepares students to work as data analysts in precision agriculture, natural resource management and related fields for either private firms or government agencies.

This track is available only on the Pullman campus.

Required Track Courses (24 credits)
  • Biology 106  Intro Biology: Organismal Biology
  • SoilS 201  Soil: A Living System [BSCI]
  • Geol 101 Introduction to Geology [PSCI](L)
  • SoilS 368  Intro to Geographic Info Systems
  • SoilS 374  Remote Sensing
  • SoilS 468  GIS and Spatial Analysis
  • One of the following
    • Biology 372  General Ecology [M]
    • NATRS 464  Landscape Ecology [M]
    • SoilS 302  Intro to Agroecology [M]

Download the four-year-plan (PDF)