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Choose Your Track

Our specialization tracks prepare WSU Data Analytics graduates to make significant contributions across a wide range of industries: manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, transportation, finance, environmental management, healthcare, education, government, biotechnology, and more. See the career options page for applications and industries associated with each track.

Multiple campuses (including online)


Academic focus: Management Information Systems, and general business training
Available: Pullman, Everett, Global Campus (online)


Academic focus: Fundamentals of economics and flexibility in advanced course options
Available: Pullman, Global Campus (online)

Pullman only

Actuarial Science

Academic focus: financial math, with economics, business law and finance

Environmental Systems

Academic focus: geospatial analysis with geology, soil science, plant science and ecology.

Life Sciences

Academic focus: Fundamentals of biology leading to advanced mathematical, statistical and computational biology.

Physical Sciences

Academic focus: Lower division chemistry, math and physics leading to an advanced sequence in physical chemistry.

Social Sciences

Academic focus: A broad, flexible track with courses in sociology, psychology, political science, educational psychology, and philosophy.